Kevin Capel visits RGAMK, first stripes for RGAMK students

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Tonight saw RGA Bucks head instructor and BJJ black belt Kevin Capel come to visit RGAMK where he kindly took the class and gave the RGAMK students first class, black belt instruction.

Kevin started the class by taking everybody through some double leg takedown offensive and defensive drills followed by some concepts of how to attack your opponent from the top position in side control.

The class was rounded off by some of the RGAMK students being present with their first stripes on their white belts, congratulations to Shaun, Seb and Mark who received 2 stripes each as well as Richie who was promoted to first stripe white belt.

Thank you to Kevin Capel for visiting RGAMK and taking a fantastic class, we all look forward to your next visit in the near future.

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