Competition Results: April 2016


IBJJF New York Spring Open 2016 While on holiday Hayley made the trip to the New York State University to compete at the New York Spring Open where she took gold in the Female Blue Belt Middleweight division winning 3 matches against American and Canadian opposition with 2 submission finishes. Congratulations Hayley! Hereford Open RGA Bucks: Milton Keynes had a … Read More

RGA Bucks:Milton Keynes Training in Brazil


This month we’ve travelled to Brazil, the home of Jiu Jitsu to train and learn from the past and present masters of BJJ and live the BJJ Lifestyle. People often post or blog about the dream of the jiu jitsu lifestyle, training in the morning, snacking on Acai – the fruit of the Amazon rain forest and strolling to the … Read More

Leg Lock Seminar with Seph Smith from 50/50 BJJ

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The weekend saw American BJJ and Sambo black belt Seph Smith come to RGA Bucks: Milton Keynes to share some leg lock attacks and strategies for BJJ. Seph started by demonstrating some straight ankle locks attacks from the open guard followed up by chaining the leg lock position into sweeps, guard passes and alternative submissions. We’d like to thank Seph … Read More

Competition Results: October/November 2014

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Representatives from RGA Bucks: Milton Keynes team have been busy over the last couple of months fighting over the busy winter competitive fixtures. Here’s an update of the action over October/November 2014, IBJJF London International Open The London International Open saw Hayley win Gold in the Blue Belt Female < 69kg division and Bronze in the Blue Belt open division ... Read More

RGA Bucks win the team prize at Kleos Grappling

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Last weekend saw fighters from RGA Bucks: Milton Keynes aand fellow RGA Bucks team members compete at the inaugural Kleos Grappling event at the High Wycombe Judo Centre. The whole day was packed with exciting fights across all weight divisions with lucrative prizes on offer including 15kg custom made hammers for the blue belt and purple/brown/black belt open weight divisions … Read More

Winter Promotions @ RGA Bucks

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This week saw the winter installment of the bi-annual seminar and grading coupled with the grand opening of the new RGA Bucks Headquarters in Aylesbury. The event was hosted by RGA Bucks head instructor Kevin Capel and included techniques demonstrated by 10 BJJ world champion Roger Gracie. Roger demonstrated some nice ways to approach attacking the back of your opponent … Read More

Kevin Capel visits RGAMK, first stripes for RGAMK students

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Tonight saw RGA Bucks head instructor and BJJ black belt Kevin Capel come to visit RGAMK where he kindly took the class and gave the RGAMK students first class, black belt instruction. Kevin started the class by taking everybody through some double leg takedown offensive and defensive drills followed by some concepts of how to attack your opponent from the … Read More

RGA Bucks train with Team Agua in Amsterdam

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This week has seen members from RGA Bucks train some Nogi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on the road whilst visiting Amsterdam on holiday with Amsterdam based BJJ team Team Agua. The session was taken by Team Agua brown belt Andy Siebert who started off the class with plenty of warmed drills which was followed up by showing some slick back takes … Read More

RGAMK at the BJJ Ladies Summercamp 2013

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This week saw RGA Bucks representative Hayley Carter take part in the annual (2013) BJJ Ladies Summer camp in Eindhoven, Netherlands which was hosted by female BJJ black belt Yasmin Sewgoblind. The camp was split over 3 days which each day included sessions on BJJ, nogi grappling and drills/rolling each taught by guest BJJ black belt instructors. The was attended … Read More

IBJJF World Championships in Review: RGA Bucks has a world champion

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This week saw action from the world’s best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes in Long Beach California for the annual IBJJF Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world championships. This year the tournament took place over 5 days in its biggest ever installment and it did not fail to disappoint. Brits Bring Home Gold This year’s tournament saw the UK get its first ever … Read More